LaTeX editor on android

Android LaTeX Editor fully operationnal (hum not sure about the FR->EN). It has successfully generate (with the server) the latest OOP report we had to do @ #Enseirb-matmeca

It is running on #Honeycomb Android 3.0. Ask for the apk to test it, judge it and report anything you wan : bugs, suggests, etc…

Editeur LaTeX sur Android pleinement fonctionnel. Il vient de compiler (avec l’aide du serveur) avec succès le rapport de développement POO du dernier td #Enseirb-Matmeca

Fonctionnant à l’heure actuelle sous #HoneyComb (Android 3.0), vous pouvez demander à avoir l’apk de test non signée afin de participer à la bêta et proposer remarques, suggestions, force close ou tout autre


One thought on “LaTeX editor on android”

  1. In other words, HTC did not abide by the OHA rules and used Android phone OS for a tablet even tohguh Google told them not to and now they are trying to point the finger at Google because they don’t have access to Honeycomb. . . . is that about right?Well, I guess HTC can just wait then. Another reason to be avoiding these tablets that don’t have Honeycomb on them.If you are going to use a free OS the least you could do is follow the guidelines, HTC.

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