3DS Hack ? Homebrew? www.3dshomebrewchannel.com

Hi there,

I recently viewed a video about a possible port from the homebrew channel to the 3DS and finally… it is a hoax but not the usual way.

In fact the www.3dshomebrewchannel.com is only a website based where apps are html-apps.

Then it is not really hack in the proper way : we CAN NOT launch homebrew as game where you can adress the hardware or network etc… but you CAN create web application designed for the 3ds.

I copied the code associate with the www.3dshomebrewchannel.com source code and it is available here >> www.codlab.eu/3ds/

I will certainly release in somedays an api to provide a little market to the 3ds : you will be able to create application and send to the market the url, the icon and description, etc… and then the homescreen will show your app in the market and FREE

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