Android : external sdcard to the internal one !

Here we are! The Galaxy S3 is a great device but … the external sd (up to 64GB) IS NOT used per default to store Android/data when you want to use external storage to store data. It is here that the application I developed can help you!

If your device is rooted, you can now swap the internal and external sdcard forever (in fact at every boot) or until the phone reboot

Does it work with every devices? In fact, it was made to be installed and used on a Galaxy S3 but the trick used in the app can be modify to work with … every devices which embed 2 sdcard (internal & external)

To manage these features :

  1. you can update the configuration list directly from the internet
  2. you can set your own configuration (only 1 at this time)
  3. you do not know what device represent your physical sdcard? no problem, you can directly from the application check every device on the phone/tablet and choose the correct one and it will edit the custom paramter !
  4. you do not know what to do? you can send the list provided, and/or your build.prop (the build.prop will help me to create new configuration for everyone when they download the updated configuration list)

You can download and install directly from this link (the store one will soon arrive)

21 thoughts on “Android : external sdcard to the internal one !”

  1. Hi there,
    I’m trying to use this app on my ICOO D70PROII (rk3066 based tablet). I sent you my lists today hoping you can help me out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance and happy holidays!
    Ken Michielsen

  2. You should add a delay. Om my Archos Tablet it only works if i add a delay of 90 seconds to the init.d script.

  3. I have a small problem with applications External 2 Internal. I worked perfect with version 4.1.1 JellyBean on my Asus Transfoemer TF300T but now with the upgrade 4.2.1 JellyBean does not work and I have my backup on the sd card. any help please I can not retrieve all my games and start from scratch is not easy.

  4. I’ve installed CODLAB Root External 2 Internal SD from Google Play on my Motorola Razr MAXX (XT910) and clicked on the External>Internal button.
    Since then I’m unable to acess both my internal 8GB SDcard and external 32gb SDcard by the phone. But the system keeps working fine (exepct I can’t anymore listen any music, take any pictures or do anything that needs the internal sd card. It’s like I have unmounted my internal SDcard.
    I don’t know how to revert this. If I click on SystemSettings>Storage I receive the message “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.”
    Using ICS 4.0.4
    Any ideas?

  5. Did you change the settings in the options? You have to locate your default system folder where your internal dat are saved (where /sdcard point) and the external one. Then the system device block representing your external sdcard

  6. Whoa, that was a fast response!
    I’ve changed the options, but done it wrong :( Something was missing.
    When you say ” locate your default system folder where your internal dat are saved” do you mean “the original internal mounting point”?
    And I should put it on your apk and then press the “External>Internal” button again with the “At boot” checked?

  7. That’s it.

    But when it is done, simply restart the phone to cancel any test you done before.

  8. Ok, now I have a shameful problem.
    I do not remember the original default system folder on my phone.

  9. You know, I really appreciate the helping you are giving me. Really.
    I’ve tried the following folder, once in a time:

    No one of those options has worked :(

    I have entered safestrap on File Manager and from there I can access the internal sdcard (on /sdcard) and the external sdcard (on /sdcard-ext). But being honest, I don’t even remember if this is the original location of those folders or if i have modified then. Guess not.

  10. You should use an app such as root explorer to see where are located the folders /mnt or /storage etc… You could use the /sdcard and the external one but apps use the getExternalStorageDirectory which never gives ‘/sdcard’ but the folder where /sdcard is linked to

  11. I have tried everything and it does not work, I think going back to version 4.1.1 jelly bean your app works great in that version

  12. Hi. I am using it on my SG3 with Slim Beam 4.1.2. Working perfect. I tried on Slim Beam 4.2.2, but did not work. Is there any configuration to use in AOSP 4.2.2? Thank´s a lot.

  13. The only thing that worked to make my SDcard work back again was to install another android in a ROM.

  14. Hi
    Can I please ask if there is a way to get this to work with the Fuhu Nabi2 android tablet? There is a tutorial on xda-developers but I have used that and it looks like its worked (external and internal sd appear as swapped in the settings) and yet downloading apps still get installed to the real-internal tiny sd card, so something is not working and I dont know if this is the settings in the external2internal app.

    It would be so great if you could have any advice for why its not installing apps to the big external sd even when the app looks like its worked.

    Thanks for your time and thanks for making this app too!!

  15. Hi !
    My english is not so good so I m sorry in advance
    plz solve my problem, i m using sony xperia acro s ( rooted via bin4ry ).. And 32 gb sandisk class 4 card
    I done all things correctly
    1- the original internal mounting point- mnt/sdcard
    2- the original external mounting point- mnt/extSdCard
    3- the ext. Sd card device access- /dev/block/vold/179:33
    mark on send rescan &
    use per default option
    then click the External>Internal* with mark on At boot** and when it not work then without mark on At boot** ( via superuser request )
    busy box pro also installed in my device..
    my problem is after doing all this stuff
    my external sd card becomes internal :)
    but it also shown in external sd card also :(
    2-2 micro sd 32 gb card :O ( how is it possible )
    where is my internal sd card gone ( not showing ) :O
    plz plz plz tell me the solution ( tell me cleary step by step how should I use this app on my Xperia acro s )
    Thanks in advance

  16. And one more thing My device is running on Android Ics 4.0.4 official version..
    Thanks 1nce again

  17. Thanqyou.. So much :)
    my problem is solved after formatting my phone then again rooted via bin4ry,
    Now its working fine 😀

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