No news for …. what? a while

Hey everyone,

Yes yes, i agree, i did not gave a sign for a while. But You know, i had a lot of things to do 😉

I will post new articles soon. I must finish the one about the Google Cloud Messaging service (I need to create some images).

I will also integrate Aquinum in Bordeaux (i hope to work on those topics : security, domotics, etc… In fact everything i’m used to work with :) )

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4 thoughts on “No news for …. what? a while”

  1. Hi there
    Good to hear from you.
    Is there any chance of you being able to look at the ext2int-sd app to see if there is any way to make it fully work with the Fuhu nabi2 tablet please?
    At present, it appears to work, but the apps are still installed to the internal memory so there is something not quite right.
    Would really appreciate if you could resolve it for the nabi2.
    Thanks for reading my comment.

  2. Hi, the app does not make other apps to install in the sdcard, but it swaps the external sdcard with the internal sdcard folder folder – hence if an app installs its blobs, data in the internal sdcard there are now in the physical external sdcard not the device one

    for instance gameloft games, often near 1GB size, have about 50MB in the internal app folder, 1GB in the internal sdcard – with the app, the 1GB are now in the external sdcard

  3. Ey mate why you stop support for ext2internal sd?
    I tried like a hundred times to. Make it works with latest versions of android (i’m on a galaxy s3 gt-i9300)tried with stock 4.2.2 ; cm 10.2 and 10.3 but it is impossible. It only works with old jb 4.1.2 and very old cm 9 and cm 10.0.

  4. i didn’t stop working on it. But i needed to pause it as I don’t have any devices running the latest android versions right now with … sdcard support

    sorry : /

    i hope having the possibility to buy a galaxy s4 really soon or another one such as the lg g2

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