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Auto switch to Airplane mode or disable 3g on Android

I had recently battery issues on the Nexus S and even after trying some modifications, it did not change anything relievant.

So I started to create an application which will make possible to auto switch on airplane mode.

The application auto switch on/off when the screen is off or on.

And here we are, the app is ready and on the market. You can find it here

And the source code

Nexus S Battery Consumption // Batterie Vide trop rapidement

I recently updated my Nexus to the 4.0.4 version and (since few days before, in fact since the previous update), my battery only lasted few hours… since I disabled one app.

In fact, this app is google plus. You can not uninstall it but you can disable it. Simply go to Parameters > Applications then swipe from downloads to all and then click/touch on the google plus one and choose disable.

That’s all