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New Contactless payment solution

I am currently finishing a whole news payment solution for every NFC compatible devices.

Easy to use, easy to implement, the solution is simply based on having connectivity between the seller device (or pc with NFC ready peripheral : acrxxx, etc… ) and the buyer.

The buyer sync with a server, the buyer receive the push from the buyer and sync with the server etc… and tada

The solution currently work with paypal and let you having payment solution better than the one you can see in the apple stores B) hey, it is great to say to a customer “you have nfc on your smartphones? you can buy our product directly with your paypal account”

I am open to implement any other solutions, if you are a company and want it, you can contact me per mail to discuss about the condition and to link your project/solution with it (for instance if you don’t want paypal but your own servers, etc…)